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The Party Starter

Writing Prompt Day 2
Speak Write Now Community

PROMPT: Name a moment in your life that you remember on a regular basis?

When I was in my twenties I lived in Atlanta, GA. During this period of my life I hadn’t been through too much at that point and I was on serious confidence overload! I mean honestly, you couldn’t convince me that my poop stank because in my mind I was the bomb! 

One time at band camp - uh - I mean Club 112, the DJ was doing his thing but no one was on the dance floor. The DJ was spinning all the hot trap music at the time (think Master P vs. 3-6 Mafia - yeah that’s hood right there) yet no one was out on the floor. Then he switched it up to Biggie Smalls Big Poppa and I knew I had to turn this party around! 

When that flute sound came in that starts the song and B.I.G begins with “To all the ladies in the place with style and grace” I eased out to the middle of the dance floor!  I had a small sway in my hip, a snap in my finger, and a roll in my waist that was so captivating that it brought a man out to the floor with me by the time the line “I got mack then Craig and in the bed” came on! Then by the time of the lyric “to the honeys gettin’ money” the dance floor was packed! 

The DJ was relieved and shouted, “Shout out to my party starter!” Ha! Free drinks for my friends all night. 

This was 1999 B.I.W.S.A.J. days - Before I Was Serious About Jesus! I sometimes think back and I miss that confidence on 10 young lady. Where did she go? Oh that’s right: Life. Life has a way humbling you to a point where you can begin to question some things. It’s at that moment that God reminds you of who you are in Him and who you can place your true confidence in! He equips us to do great works and we can have confidence in God’s Word and what His promises are toward us. I’m still a party starter, I’m just starting Holy Ghost parties now lol! 


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