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Live Now!

Is Your Spiritual House Ready?

Earlier this week a high school classmate was called from this life to be with the Lord. To those who were really close to her, this was indeed a blow. This is the year that most of us turned 40, a milestone of sorts, an age where we should be celebrating nuptials, baby showers, advanced degrees, and new businesses, it shakes us to our core when we have to face the death of a peer. At age 40, we’ve lived a little bit but in our mind we’re no older than we were the day we graduated high school or college even. There is a small corner of our psyche where the thoughts of being immortal lives until it hits us head on that we are not. My classmate’s battle with Lupus came to an end in the year that she turned 40.  Death is a lot to digest and it’s even more difficult when the death happens at what we deem to be a young age. So many questions come into our minds as we prepare to bury a classmate, not someone 80 or 90 years old but someone who was only 40. I viewed many FaceBook posts th

Uh I was just running to the store real quick- Girrrl Stop!

How many times have you done this? Threw on some sweats, pins/rollers in your hair and just looking a hot mess to run to the store or post office or any other quick errand. It’s at that time that you run into that person that you haven’t seen in forever! Then you get to explaining why you out looking crazy in these streets and the person is giving you that look and saying to themselves: Girrrl Stop! Ladies, please stop doing this! I’m talking to my self too because I’m guilty of this but this is the season of ‘Love Manifested’ so you never know when you’re going to run into Mr. WontHeDoItGodShowsUpAndShowsOut! Then you gon’ be lookin’ all crazy. The Bible says to ‘be ye also ready, no man knows the day or the hour’ you know, stuff like that lol!  Now there’s nothing wrong with that cute velour sweatsuit or your tee, jeans and chucks to run errands while your hair is in a ponytail or something but the point here is to look presentable at all times.  So:  If you come