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Committing and/or Allowing Grand Larceny On Your TIME!

A good friend passed along a link to a Forbes article that talked about what successful people agree as the most valuable asset: Time ( )  Of course this related to the business world but it made me ponder a bit on how it relates to relationships and the value that we place on our time.  As the article points out, time is that one thing we can’t get back. Once an hour is gone, it’s gone! Time is our greatest commodity and should be treated as such. So what does this have to do with relationships? Everything! Who you chose to spend your time with or even how much time you give someone can directly impact your relationship success or failure.   For instance, if your goal is to be married, be mindful of giving time to a man that has marriage no where on his radar! If you desire a committed relationship, stop giving time to the man that wants to play!  Beware o

Girrrl Stop! Get Something to Drink!!!

Have you ever been so dehydrated that when you finally get something to drink, you don’t care what it is as long as it was cold and wet? It doesn’t matter much what it is because quenching your thirst is the only thing that matters at that point in time! This is ok on that super hot summer day but this doesn’t fly well in relationships.  Girrrl Stop being ‘Relationally Dehydrated’!  Most people would refer to this as ‘being thirsty’ and as much as I loathe that term it applies sometimes. Let’s define what relationally dehydrated is versus what it is not.  You are NOT Relationally Dehydrated when:  You express your feelings to someone and be genuinely honest with them You proactively let someone know that you are interested - men aren’t mind readers You are showing genuine interest in someone who’s reciprocating that interest Participate in healthy relationships You are Relationally Dehydrated when:  You continue to settle for less than God’s best for you  You