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Girrrl It’s time to Spring Forward!!

What have you been saying you were going to do and haven’t completed yet? For me I could start a list but I won’t bore you with that. I will say there are definitely some goals that I have put off for a few reasons:   Doubt Fear Distractions Do any of these apply to you? Let’s look at Doubt.  Doubt Makes You Immobile This is the ultimate immobilizer! It’s literally the opposite of faith; if faith is an action word (as we believe it to be) then doubt is a lack of action word! Doubt comes in when your belief is lagging behind. You have a book on the inside of you but you’re reluctant to write because you secretly think it will flop. You have wanted to lose 20 pounds forever but you can’t seem to get it done. Some might say it’s lack of discipline (there may be some truth here lol) but it may also be a deep seeded presence of doubt that perhaps you can’t do it.  Matthew 21: 18-22 talks about the fig tree that Jesus told to wither away. He was hungry and no fruit was on