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Know Your Value Video Post

1. Know Your Value 2. Know that Your Value Doesn't Decrease because Someone Else Fails to Recognize It 3. Don't Let Others Hold Mistakes Over Your Head - You Are Still Valuable! Have a great rest of the week!!!


Girrrl Check Yo' RAGADICITY!

It’s 4 days into the new year, are you getting settled in to 2018 yet? I hope so because it’s here!  I love the new year because it produces new and fresh perspectives on life, goals, and even dreams. So I thought I’d start with this message: Girrrl! Let’s decrease our “Ragadicity” levels in 2018! I hear you asking, what in the world is Ragadicity? I like to make up words from time to time and this time is no exception:  I sat in on a webinar recently and they had us evaluate various areas of our lives. So on a scale of 1 - 10 with 10 being the most ragged, what’s your Ragadicity level in the following areas:  Physical/Fitness -  Personal Development -  Spiritual -  Career/Business -  Social -  Financial -  Once you jot this down, take a moment and reflect on that. The reality is for most people there will be some areas where you are stellar in and then some areas where your Ragadicity is high. We want to work on decreasing the levels that are high! For