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Committing and/or Allowing Grand Larceny On Your TIME!

A good friend passed along a link to a Forbes article that talked about what successful people agree as the most valuable asset: Time (

Of course this related to the business world but it made me ponder a bit on how it relates to relationships and the value that we place on our time. As the article points out, time is that one thing we can’t get back. Once an hour is gone, it’s gone! Time is our greatest commodity and should be treated as such. So what does this have to do with relationships? Everything! Who you chose to spend your time with or even how much time you give someone can directly impact your relationship success or failure. 

For instance, if your goal is to be married, be mindful of giving time to a man that has marriage no where on his radar! If you desire a committed relationship, stop giving time to the man that wants to play! 

Beware of those who commit Grand Larceny on your time!

Who are the male time thieves?
  1. The man that knows he has no good intentions for you yet continues to take up your time ‘hanging out’ and ‘kicking it’. 
  2. The man who is in process and getting himself together, priorities, etc., he’s not ready for a relationship and knows it. He is a time-suck. 
I could go on but I think the point is clear here. Don’t allow people to steal your time from you! Why you out wasting time with this fool, you missing out on spending time with the real deal! 

Now let me flip it here! 

Ladies, stop spending time with men who you know you are not interested in. Stop using men for free dinners, concert tickets etc. (many of us are past that and we on to mortgage/rent and car payments but you get my point!).

Who are the female time thieves? 
  1. You know good and well that you don’t like this man, ain’t attracted to him spiritually or physically yet you steady going out to dinner with him and letting this man spend his money. You are a time suck!
  2. You know you are still healing from that last situationship and that you are no where near being ready to date seriously and fairly, but you are accepting dates! - Girrrl Stop!

Some of y'all committing grand larceny on folks and y'all need to arrested and corrected! The Bible puts it this way, John 10:10a - The thief does not come except to steal, kill and to destroy. 

How to know for sure if you’re guilty (Men and Women)? 

Are you stealing, killing and destroying?

Steal - When you take up people’s time knowing that you are not interested, you are a thief! I’m not talking about that relationship that you were genuine about but it just didn’t work out but rather, the one you entered into already knowing you are looking for the next best thing. 

Kill - Due to your disdain for people’s time and feelings alike, you kill their belief in love, their hope that love can actually happen because of their dealings with you. Your bad intentions and poor behavior kills the game!

Destroy - When you steal time and kill people’s spirits, you destroy any chance for fruitful interactions to occur. Every person you meet is not necessarily a relationship prospect but they could be a potential friend, business partner, or just someone who sows into your life to give you what you need to advance to the next level. God may be trying to introduce you to someone and you destroy the chance for the partnership to be fruitful (whatever that fruit may be) due to your disrespect of people's time. 

Point is, handle people with care because even if they are not for you, they are for someone so don’t bruise them before they get to the person God really has for them. 

Also, don’t allow the thief into your life. But if the thief happens to slip in due to their charming manipulation, go to the John 10: 10b-11 which tells us, “I (Jesus Christ) have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly. I am the Good Shepherd. The Good Shepherd gives His life for the sheep”. As always, keep your focus on Christ and treat people the way you know He would want you to treat them. 


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