Monday, November 13, 2017

A Mindset Shift for Balance

Writing Prompt Day 13
Speak Write Now Community

PROMPT: What change MUST you make before 2017 ends?

You gotta love this time of year when we all tend to reflect on the past year and make plans for the upcoming year. This is a time of year that can actually make or break you for the year to come. If you don’t reflect enough on the current year and really assess some things, you may be doomed to repeat mistakes and the same cycle over again. Also if you don’t plan properly for the new year, you may not progress the way you want to and to the level you would like to go. So looking at this year and assessing what needs to change before the year ends I’d have to say: my mindset. 

My mindset needs to change in a few areas if I’m going to experience 2018 differently from 2017. One thing is I need to become disciplined and stick to a writing schedule. This is going to be imperative to producing work for the new year. I’ve never been a ‘schedule’ kinda girl but if I want to see different results I will have to do some different things! Additionally I need to create more boundaries for myself as it relates to church activities. Sometimes, church people can guilt you into working within the church so much so that if you don’t create boundaries, you will find that all of your creative energy will go to church activities and not to your own projects. I mean, they always have something going on and I think for the new year, I will need to scale back a bit from some activities; there are enough people in the kingdom that if some more people stepped up to work, it wouldn’t all fall on the FFF (few faithful folks). What I’m really saying here is that I need to change my mindset to create more balance. I love working in the church and I feel blessed to be able to offer my talents and gifts there but it should be some balance to life. 

The mindset must shift now for 2018 to be successful!   

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