Sunday, November 19, 2017

Reebs Favorite Things!

Writing Prompt Day 15
Speak Write Now Community

PROMPT: List five of your favorites...favorite books, favorite foods, favorite vacations.

5. Ross and TJ Maxx - I love the hunt I guess! I love the feeling of finding that key piece for a discount!!!

4. InStyle and Essence Magazines - I love to sit down and dig into these two publications. It's simple but it's just something I love to do! 

3. Howard Homecoming - I love going back to my alter mater, seeing friends and creating new memories. God always reveals something new to me about who He is at homecoming time

2. "Family Functions" - these come in the form of family dinners, game nights, movie nights and just plain ole get togethers! I love bonding with my family, it's where I feel safe and loved the most! 

1. Road trips with my Mom - we travel twice a year to conventions. It's great quality time spent with the woman I admire most. I love hearing her stories of her childhood, early adulthood and hearing about her experiences and how she navigated through them. 

What are some of your favorites? 

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