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The Boy Who Scarred My Knees

Writing Prompt Day 5
Speak Write Now Community

PROMPT: If you could have a do-over for a childhood moment, what would that be and what would it be like?

When I was a young girl I was a bit of a tomboy. I did everything from climbing fences, rolling down hills, riding big wheels and then I graduated to riding bikes - you name it, I did it! One time I let one of the neighborhood boys ride my big wheel and I was going to stand on the back of it while he peddled. I was holding on to the seat but I was kneeling on the ground. The boy began to peddle and I was yelling for him to stop because as he peddled, my knees were scraping the concrete! I yelled louder and then he finally stopped but when I got up, you could actually see ‘the white meat’! Cognitively, I don’t know why I just didn’t let go, maybe somewhere deep in my mind I didn’t want him to ride far on my big wheel without me. Maybe I thought he would take my big wheel and not come back - you know those were the worries of a kid growing up in these Baltimore streets! 

If I could have a do-over, I would have let go and not scraped my knees. Those scars are still here today 30-something years later! If I had let go three things would be different: 

-I would not have seen ‘the white meat’ - this was emotionally scarring for me lol!
-I would not have punched the boy when I was able to come outside and play again - God don’t like ugly!
-My legs would have been even hotter in my mini-skirt days of my 20’s - early 30’s - when you grow in God’s Word you bring those skirt lengths down - holiness is right! 

I wonder what the boy who scarred my knees is doing these days. I pray all is well with him.   


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