Monday, November 13, 2017

Contrary, On the Contrary!

Writing Prompt Day 12
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PROMPT: "I'm usually not________________________, but in this case, _______________________”

I’m usually not contrary, but in this case, I decided to march to my own drum beat! 

I was called contrary on yesterday. Who me? Imagine that! My church celebrated 90 years and our church colors are royal blue and gold. Royal blue is not a favorite color of mine and gold is a color I feel should be reserved to shoes and accessories. So needless to say, I don’t own any of this in my closet. I searched and searched the stores far and wide to try and find a suitable royal blue dress, one that fit my style and personalty and unfortunately to no avail! 

Then I went into a boutique and stumbled across this beautiful dress that had an array of colors: Royal Blue, Gold, Fuchsia, and Black with the dominant colors being Pink and Royal Blue. I thought to myself: close enough!!! Pink is my favorite color so this dress spoke to me and represented me! The dress was stunning on and I loved it. 

My Godbrother jokingly told me that I was being contrary because I wasn’t wearing Royal Blue and Gold. I took the joke for what it was, no big deal. However, what was I really being contrary to? Honestly, I was in the frame of mind that many people need to ascribe to: staying true to myself. I honestly don’t care what the masses are doing. I’m going to do what feels right to me. I tried to get as close to the colors as I could. The main thing is to not be contrary in your spirit. You should always strive to align yourself with God’s Word and last time I checked, me wearing royal blue and gold wasn’t in the Book! We need to be unified in spirit and unified in working together. Now that’s where some folks were contrary but that’s another subject for another day.  

Yeah I rocked Fuchsia on the church anniversary - sue me! 

That’s all…

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