Wednesday, November 8, 2017

My Last Nerve!

Writing Prompt Day 8
Speak Write Now Community

PROMPT: What gets on your nerves?

I already hear all of you thinking: “She didn’t need a writing prompt to write this”! AND….you’re right!! Let’s jump right in! Here are the top three things that get on my nerves: 

3. Passenger Seat Drivers - Girrrl! If you want to send me into ‘piss-stilistic’ frenzy then do this! Sittin’ over there giving instructions: slow down, watch out, the light is red - Ugh! I come to a stop sign and you sitting up looking for oncoming traffic - if you sitting up blocking the window, how am I supposed to see? If you wanna drive then drive but if you riding with me - CHILL!

2. Church Thugs - These are bullies in the church. They’re mean, cantankerous, and usually fussing about something or someone at any given time. They drive me completely insane! They use any opportunity they can to belittle you in front of others. I have to pray hard because we can’t consecrate enough oil for ‘dem church thugs! 

Drum roll please……

1. Digging my car out of the snow - Ooooh! This gets on my last nerve! When I watch it fall from the sky I be like “Lord, what you not gon’ do is keep throwing this white stuff down - ain’t nobody got time for dat!”. It irritates my soul to take that shovel out there and dig. That’s one of only a couple times that I loathe being single. Yeah, snow gets on my nerves. 

Well, there you have it!! In an effort to stay at peace I: 

-Drive alone
-Stay in my Word so I can let the Word do the Work with the Church Thugs
-Avoid the windows during the winter

Until next time…

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