Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Check Yo’self Boo - Consider Your Ways!

In one of the earlier seasons of Housewives of Atlanta (yes my guilty pleasure), Sheree was working with a vendor who didn’t follow through on his commitments. They got into a heated discussion where the vendor says to Sheree “you need to watch yourself before you get checked” and she infamously responded with the coined phrase, “Who Gon’ Check Me Boo?”

Continuing with gained insights from the two-chapter book of Haggai, I believe God is ‘checking us’ in his challenge for us to check ourselves! 

Just like the remnant of people, who returned from Babylon, sat idle on their assignment to rebuild God’s temple, many of you are sitting idle on the assignment you have been given. You go on living day to day, ignoring what God has said but now, God is saying it’s time to check yourself! 

Check your priorities

The children of Israel sat idle on rebuilding the temple for 14 years. They said it wasn’t time yet to rebuild the temple. God sent the prophet Haggai and ‘checked them’, saying,  “Is it time for you yourselves to dwell in paneled houses, and this temple lie in ruins?” (Haggai 1:4). Then He goes on to say, “Consider your ways!” (Haggai 1:5). God checked them on their excuses and misaligned priorities. 

How do your priorities stack up? 

You say you don’t have enough time to work on the business - how is your time spent throughout each day? How much time are you wasting? 

You say you don’t have time to write, or study, or whatever you’ve been commissioned to do but how is your time appropriated? Is it spent watching hours of television? Or are you spending hours scrolling through Facebook? 

You say, I don’t have enough money to give. Where is your money going? What are you spending money on? Are you overspending? OUCH, sorry I stepped on my toes. If you go through your online bank statement and look at where your money is going, I know you will discover the leak. 

Sometimes our lives can feel like tires. We run and run, staying busy but not focusing on activities within our assignments. Then life pokes us and we begin to deflate. The air is coming out but we can’t locate the puncture. God is calling us right now to ‘check ourselves’ and ‘consider our ways’. When we really take an honest look at where we are and get real with God on our punctured places, God won’t just plug the puncture and give us a temporal fix but He will completely make us new and whole again - He will restore us better than ever before! 

God wants you to walk in victory, be productive, and wants you to not just understand the assignment, but carry out the assignment! Let there be no ‘Sheree’s’ here, you don’t have to ask who gon’ check you, as daughters of the Most High - God Gon’ Check You Boo by Challenging You to Check Yourself! 

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