Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Girrrl! Why are you still single?

“Hey girl, what’s been up with you?”, she asked so inquisitively. 

“Oh not too much, just working and keeping busy, how about you?”

“I’m good, Brad is good and the kids are doing great, enough about me though what’s going on with you? How’s the love life?”

She saw the train coming but the speed was too fast for her to escape it, it was here. 

“Uh, well not too much going on in that area, dating tho”, she said with great satisfaction in her answer and great hope that it would ward off any additional questions. 

And then without warning, it dropped with the speed of lightning like your paycheck at the first of the month. 

“I don’t understand it, why are you still single?”, she asked with a hint of side-eye masked as concern. 

She wanted to reply but she couldn’t right away because she tried to focus on her facial expression; she knew it was stank and could be used in a meme. Then she thought about taking a machete and slicing her ear off but she knew God wouldn’t come down and put it back on like He did for Peter and the soldier. So she made a decision. She remained silent, like a deer in headlights. They both stood there in silence. 

Many singles can identify with this dreaded conversation that takes place often in various venues: family functions, work, church, or just simple walks in the mall. Many have been railroaded by the train of ‘why are you still single’ questions and the stain of the railroad tracks are still fresh and greasy. I mean honestly, if we could answer the question, ‘why are you still single’ and beyond answering the question, come up with a solution to what some view as a problem, I’m sure we could bottle it up and become rich! But the fact remains, we are single and the reason is simply, God has not released us into that season just yet. 

So here are a three responses for you that will be sure to make these verbal drive-by shooters stand down: 

  1. Girrrl! God does not want to share me just yet -  The truth is God still needs you for ministry. As a single you are more free to serve as opposed to your married sisters whose first concern should be their husband and home
  2. Girrrl! God is still preparing, molding and/or shaping me - this preparation, molding and shaping has no time limit on it, God works in His own time, not ours. When you’re ready it will happen. God develops character and maturity in us so that we will be prepared for the challenges that lie ahead in married life.   
  3. Girrrl I’m just not ready to cook, clean, screw and press repeat, nah mean? - Seriously, what comeback would a person have for that lol! 

“Girrrl I’m just not ready to cook, clean, screw and press repeat, nah mean?”

With the most awkward look on her face she replied, “Yeah, I guess I do” 

They both burst into laughter.

“Nah, all jokes aside, I’m good. And in the words of Olivia Pope, God’s got this thang: Handled!”

“Ok girrrl! I know that’s right!”


  1. Thanks girl for giving some good answers to that question 😁😁😁 I really loved the 3rd one!!! Great blog...Love it 😍😍😍

    1. Ha ha!! I knew you would like that one LOL!!!


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