Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Perspective: The Choice is Yours

Years ago after finishing grad school I received a position with Kellogg. I remember how excited I was as I thought it to be a great opportunity with a great company. I had interviewed with a particular manager who upon my first day told me he was retiring. I was still excited and was ready to meet my new manager. Everything changed when they paired me with a young man to shadow. He had been at the company for a little over a year. He was very vocal about how he hated the company and the position. He would often say “I didn’t go to school to be stocking shelves”. His negative attitude about the job and his doom and gloom view on things quickly rubbed off on me. I then began to not like the job, the position and the tasks that I had to complete. Once that negative attitude set in, when the new manager came, I didn’t like him either! My how quickly things changed when my perspective took a shift for the worse! Needless to say, I resigned from that position only to find out after that when I was hired, I was at the onset hired in on the VP track. I sometimes wonder if that guy knew that and intentionally baited me into hating the place like he did. Well, lesson learned as they say! 

Girrrl, what things do you struggle with due to your perception of it? 

Let’s take for example two single ladies who live in the same apartment building. 

Single Lady #1: 
I hate coming home to this empty apartment every night. There’s no one here to talk to, no one to keep company with. I’m tired of doing everything on my own, I have to take the trash out, fix things that are broken, and even change light bulbs for crying out loud. I’m sick of being single, when is this going to end?

Whew! Single Lady #1 is making me sad listening to her right!

Single Lady #2:
Lord, I thank you for the peace and quiet I have in my apartment when I get home. I praise you for it! I thank you that I can rest when I get in, if I want to cook, I do. If I don’t want to cook, I don’t have to! If I want to forgo cleaning for a few days, I can! Thank you Jesus for the tranquility I have. I’ll welcome a husband when You send him to me but for now, I love the stillness in the atmosphere!! 

Same apartment building, same apartments essentially but two different perspectives. Your perspective on a situation can make it a pleasant one or an unbearable one. 

The single season is indeed a gift from God (I hear some of you in the spirit asking - Lord can I exchange this gift for a better one - LOL!). He gives us this time to develop ourselves fully and bring our best selves to the table! Ask any of your married friends, they’ll tell you that they wish they had more quiet time and the ability to just be alone in their thoughts. Here’s the thing: 
Your life is great now! 

As God progresses you through various seasons of your life, He only enhances what is already great! 

It’s all in your perspective tho: the choice is yours. 


  1. I love it! Great way to embrace the single life and and enjoy it at your fullest!

  2. Yes! Single life is good, good preparation for whatever is next. Embrace it!!


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