Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Just For Today

2021 has started off to be somewhat rough. In March 2021 my only brother, Harold L. Able Jr., was in a fatal car accident; God saw fit to bring him home. To say I am devastated would be a massive understatement but I also know that my brother’s life had a major impact on many people - God used him mightily. 

Throughout many of his adult years he struggled with drug addiction. I watched his struggle and the tug-of-war he would often engage in until he was able to fully surrender his struggle over to God. When he did, I watched his life blossom in a way that allowed him to help others who suffered with addiction. He became a Peer Recovery Counselor and jumped in head first in leading others to recovery. 

One of the things that happens in N.A./A.A. meetings is rewards for the amount of days someone has been clean. 

As you can see from the picture above the various colors represent Clean & Serene for: 

Purple = 6 months

Red = 90 days

Green = 60 days

Orange = 30 days

White = Just for Today

I really like the White KeyChain because when it comes to struggle, hardships, life’s curve balls, and yes, bereavement, this one may be the only one you can focus on for awhile - Just for Today. 

Sometimes that’s all you can do, is make it to the next day and honestly - that’s progress. Leaning and depending on God each day helps you make it through, even if just for that day. 

Be kind to yourself and be patient through your process. Learn to reward yourself for progress - even if it’s ‘Just for Today’. 

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