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Girrrl Check Whatchu Sayin’!

It’s been a long time Girrrl Stop Nation but I’m back! Work has been crazy busy and non-work projects have been mounting up but God is still good!! Hopefully you’ve been following the Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages (@girrrlstop) for daily does of inspiration, quotes and funny posts. I have definitely missed writing to all of you! So, let’s jump in!

I had the opportunity over the past six weeks to teach a course at church called Back to the Bible Basics. I was encouraged by each student’s willingness to learn, share, and engage in this class with me. I was so blessed by all of them in ways they will never know! As any good instructor would, I gave out weekly homework assignments and the final homework assignment was to pick any topic from the class that spoke to you, or was interesting to you and present that topic to the class in 1-2 minutes. When I assigned this immediately some people begin to murmur about what they were unable to do. It sounded something like:

-Oh I don’t do well speaking in front of people
-I can’t put a presentation together
-No! A presentation?

And the list goes on!

I politely smiled at all of them and told them I look forward to what you will bring on next week. Presentation Sunday was finally here and I was excited to hear what the students would present. Lo and behold, the student who was the most vocal about what they couldn’t do had one of the most stellar presentations of the bunch! I was blown away! During that class time (which was the last class) the Holy Spirit led me to Proverbs 18:21a, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue…”.

What we speak has power. It has the power to motivate or deflate, inspire or deaden, ignite or extinguish – it can promote life or death! What we speak to ourselves matters and can determine our reality. If you say I can’t comprehend, then you’re probably going to have problems comprehending. If you say you can’t speak publicly then you will probably encounter problems doing so. If you say you can’t learn that new application then chances are you probably won’t. Get into the habit of speaking not just positive but God-positive! What is God-positive? Just putting the word behind your positive statements!

I’m broke
I’m fiscally challenged
I’m fiscally challenged BUT God! (Phil 4:19)
I can’t do it
I’ve got this!
I’ve got this cuz with God all things are possible! (Phil 4:13)
Things aren’t happening fast enough
Things will come together
Things will come together because God is in control! (Romans 8:28)

Get it? See how that works? Girrrl Stop Nation let’s strive to be God-Positive because life and death is in our tongues! Girrrl, check whatchu sayin’!


  1. So true. The tongue is a powerful weapon. We can use it to join the construction team (build up) or we can join the demolition team.(tear down) what team are you on?

    1. I pray I'm on the construction team! Thanks for reading and commenting!!


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