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You Can Sin Anywhere - Compromising Positions

I’ve seen this trend quite a bit here recently where men ask you out but the date is to come over their house so they can “cook” for you. Sometimes I’ve even heard of men suggesting this for a 1st date! Some use the excuse that money is tight and this saves money. Money is indeed tight these days (no argument there) but if it is that tight that you can’t afford Applebee’s 2 for $20, then this may not be the season for you to date! 

I posed this question to the Girrrl Stop nation last week: Is it okay for Christians to have in-home dates (i.e. dinner and movie etc.)? Most responses came on my personal page and not the blog page and one comment was “it really doesn’t matter because you can sin anywhere”. It is a true statement, you can sin anywhere but let me submit this question: 

Now this is for the win! Which scenario is more likely to result in fornication: 

Choice 1 - 2 for $20 at Applebee’s
Choice 2 - Cooking dinner at the house and snuggling up on the couch for a movie

Ok, three seconds on the clock, I need an answer…

The reality is that it is far less likely that you’ll fornicate with a man sitting with him in the neighborhood Applebee’s (ok, yes I do like Applebee’s laugh and get over it!) versus at his home while he’s making some fake-up 10 minute Rachel Ray pasta dish!

We have to operate in wisdom. If you really think you going to that fine man’s house and he does something so intimate like cooking for you, and nothing is going to eventually happen - Girrrl Stop!

You might make it through the first dinner, second, third or fourth dinner even but the truth is you’re playing with fire when you do this and eventually it’s gon’ go bad! Then you gon’ be at the altar crying profusely and carrying on and then the church mothers gon’ get to whispering “she must be pregnant” while you screaming like somebody died. The truth is, something did die, your standards and this is where allowing yourself to be in compromising positions will lead you. 

In my opinion, in-home dinner dates are not even appropriate for a 1st date, you don’t know that ninja! Why you at his house anyway?

But for those who may have been dating a while and would like to have an in-home dinner and movie date, I’m going old school here and suggest you get a Christian accountability couple. This couple would come and double date with you in the home. They gon' eat with you and watch the movie with you too and when they leave, you need to go - date over! 

I hear in the spirit some people saying, “Chile Boo! I’m 40 and I’m grown, if I wanna go to a man’s house for dinner I’m going!” Well, my dear, you’ve been doing it your way for 20+ years now and where has it gotten you? You can keep being grown and doing what you want to do but God is waiting for you to come out of flesh and fully surrender to His will and His way. 

Stop being loose! Stop stepping into compromising positions. 

Definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. 

That’s all.  

**Let me point out that inexpensive dates don’t always require a dollar, there are lots of free things to do outside the home if money is indeed tight. Be creative.**


  1. I'm proud of what you are doing. Very informative.GIRRRL STOP !!!

    1. Thanks Big Bro!! I appreciate the feedback!!!

  2. So, so true. Yield not to temptation! Don't put yourself into compromising positions and you won't have to cry about it later. He will always make a way for you to escape, but you've got to be smart and remain vigilant to not tempt fate.

    1. Definitely! Thanks for taking the time to comment!


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